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User Interface Design
App & web development
Iconography & visuals

User Interface Design

Pickaxe designs meaningful user interfaces, not window dressing or thin coats of cheap paint. We believe that fancy graphics do not equal a better UI. Aesthetic is a means, a great experience is the end.

Our modern, effective UI's guide the users & entice them, and Pickaxe knows just how to keep your users intrigued while getting their work done.

App & web development

Pickaxe has been crafting web sites & apps since its earliest incarnation: we know how software works, be it for web, iOS or Android, or built in HTML, JavaScript, Objective-C/C++ or PHP.
Your sketches & blueprints come to life with rock solid code, battle-tested performance and minimal overhead.

Like true craftsmen, we pick only the necessary tools, designed for the job at hand. We don't grab a sledgehammer when all you need is a pair of tweezers.

Iconography & visuals

Whether it's logo design, iconography or illustration, Pickaxe draws your graphic resources to fit your brand.
We're not a bunch of one-trick ponies: we're artisans who can adapt. Pickaxe doesn't do serial production with molds. Your project is unique. Its graphic work is core to that.

Extra polish courtesy of the house.

We've proudly worked for:

Max, designer
Max Steenbergen
Designer & front-end developer
Stefan, developer
Stefan Verdel
Developer & software architect

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